Long Awaited Mosaika Comes to Android

You may be wondering what kind of game Mosaika is or what it is about. I mean the name is fairly mysterious and doesn’t lend any clues. Well, at its core, Mosaika is a point and click puzzle adventure game from Fire Maple Games, the same creators behind The Lost City and The Secret of Grisly Manor.

The storyline behind Mosaika is hard to follow from the Youtube trailer but the gist of it is the world needs a hero as the link between two worlds weakens. You then wake up in a mysterious room and notice strange symbols carved into the mantel and then realize they match with the strange symbols in a book on the table. Matching these symbols opens up a gate to the other world where tons of mystery awaits. If there is one thing Mosaika has going for it, it is its graphics. They are absolutely stunning. Much different than the normal graphics you see in point and click adventure games. Everything from cave walls to the shrubbery is detailed and looks like a painting (which they actually are hand painted). The puzzles behind Mosaika are also great from the few I’ve seen online and in the trailer. They will certainly rack your brain. Along with a unique soundtrack, dynamic map and general great storytelling, Mosaika looks to be a great game. You can download it now for $0.99 on Google Play.

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