Like Cats, Then Check Out Turf Raiders Card Battle

What if I told you that when you play Turf Raiders Card Battle by Wappworks Studio you are part of a tactical team called the Canine Anti-Affection Tactical Squad (aka CAATS)? Well you are and Turf Raiders Card Battle is full of cat based acronyms and cats in general, the purrfect game!

As the name implies, Turf Raiders Card Battle is a strategy game but card based. Specifically it is turn-based while being territory centric and the cards do such actions like moving units, deploying units, abducting enemy units, etc. While Turf Raiders Card Battle is full of cute graphics and animations the strategy behind it all will require your wits at their finest. Story wise you are fighting DOGS over resources and you have a whole team of Mineral Energy Extraction Operation Wunderkinds (MEOW) at your side. Right now Turf Raiders Card Battle is in beta but still has a lot of features currently. There are eight hand drawn maps to play in and over 40 levels with enemy AI. Battle conditions are generated randomly so every level is basically different. Turf Raiders Card Battle certainly has the look and polish of a AAA game and you can download it now for free.

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