Light up your Android with the Gorgeous Looking Puzzle Game God of Light

The universe would be a cold dark and gloomy place if it wasn’t for light. It is then no surprise that the early man feared and worshipped the sun as a life-giving God. Playmous, developers of the reflective physics based puzzle game God of Light want to remind us of the power of light and how it can indeed transform bleakness and impending darkness into something inspiring and alive by its sheer presence.

The hero in God of Light is Shiny, a space being who must reflect and manipulate beams of light across mirrors, prisms, splitters, collectors, black holes and filters until it activates the “Sources of Life” that will bring light into a now dark universe. There are 75 levels to explore in the game and the challenges get increasingly difficult as you progress deeper into the game. Fireflies can provide a helpful hint or two but they are IAP driven, so you’d think twice about being generous with their use. You can also collect three stars along the journey and sign in to Google Play to show off your scores to the world.

God of Light is dazzling in its presentation, mesmerizing in its musical efforts, and addictive in its gameplay despite being just a casual puzzle game. Sparkly firefly themed IAPs and distracting ads aside, God of Life is a game that should surely light up a dull day or two in your monotonous life.

Give this free game a whirl and let us know if you enjoyed it.

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