Lexis Numérique Takes Taxi Journey to Kickstarter

Lexis Numérique, one of Europe’s leading indie game studios is working on a unique side-scrolling platform adventure called Taxi Journey. The game draws inspiration from games such as Limbo and Machinarium but brings a fresh new universe and gameplay style.

The game’s main protagonists are Gino and Zoey who meet in a strange forest, become the best of friends and discover that they both have unique powers. Gino can use his fishing rod to grab anything by its reflection while Zoey can grab immaterial objects like sounds and electricity. Armed with their unique powers they set out on a taxi journey that will feature one very sad looking taxi, some very interesting puzzles, and plenty of drama and emotion.

Lexis Numérique wants to create a game that not only has a powerful storyline with unique graphics, but also a game where you’ll remember the characters long after you’re done playing. And they require your help to make the game a reality. That’s why Lexis Numérique is seeking a $130,000 funding through Kickstarter. In just 4 days the project has collected over $15,000 in funding, but there’s still 26 days to go before you’ll know for sure if the game will become a reality.

One stretch goal that caught our eye is that if the project garners $40K by Sept. 19th, every pledger will get a signed digital artwork with their name on it! Although the project is expected to be made available for Windows, Wii U, Mac, Linus, iPad, PS Vita, PSN, and XBLA, the game will make it to Android only if the funding touches $170K.

So if you like what you see in this video, be sure to check out this Kickstarter page and make it happen!

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