LEGO Pullback Racers Zooms Into Stores

LEGOs bring enjoyment in many different facets. Physical LEGOS themselves have long been a source of entertainment for kids and adults alike and now they are being brought into the video game realm more and more. The latest game to implore the LEGO theme in a mobile game medium is LEGO Pullback Racers which is exactly what the name suggests; a racing game using LEGO themes.

Also like the name suggests, LEGO Pullback Racers isn’t a typical racing game where you can break and such. It is strictly pullback like LEGOs car racing should be. You pull back on your touch screen to launch your LEGO car and watch it go. From there you tilt your device to move your LEGO car left and right collecting gears which you can use to upgrade your cars to make them go faster. LEGO Pullback Racers tries to use a lot of LEGO realism in the game, so for instance you slow on corners and may have to pull back your racer to start again. Also crashing your car of course rewards you with an explosion of brick pieces. LEGO Pullback Racers is out now on Google Play for free so check it out!

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