Kickstart the Intense Arcade Fighting Game with TCG Elements called Within

If competitive 1-on-1 fighting games are something you enjoy playing, take a look at DESTINYbit’s Kickstarter project called “Within”. It’s a highly combinative game where you engage in traditional fighting against your online or offline opponent using the classic punches, kicks, and high and mid air attacks in true arcade fighting style.

That’s not all. You collect cards and customize your hero fighter character with the required abilities needed to win matches. There are 8 characters and 140 cards at launch and you can have the same hero with different abilities in different decks.

Each character in the game is based on an Emotion system, meaning he can have sorrow, anger, fear, pride, and hope tied to his character in varying degrees. Additionally, the characters themselves can be boosted to alter their movement, speed, damage and such. Similarly the game also offers Attack Boosters that can change the properties of an attack.

The game plays out in episodes and revolves around characters who are deeply troubled souls searching for redemption and rebirth. The developers promise to make each characters story rich and meaningful so that Within will not just be another fighting game but one that is well rounded and powerfully themed.

DESTINYbit is a small indie game studio from Italy and they are looking for a Kickstarter funding of $28,000 to see their project come to life. You can learn more about the game and the team’s developmental efforts on their Kickstarter page and chip in your contributions if you like what you see. There are some cool rewards for your efforts too!

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