Key Apps for Android Users

Every Android user will admit that essential apps are necessary to get the most out of your android device. Android apps play a critical role in the use of the devices and these apps vary. You will need apps that will help secure your files, watch movies or even soccer while on the go or even play real money new casinos online.

Moreover, the best part about these key apps for android users is that they can be easily downloaded on Google Play.


Considering that, some android devices are now widely used for office and work stuff, the dropbox app is definitely a key app. It is one of the best apps that help with synchronizing files between your desired portable devices.

The dropbox app ensures that you get access to all your important apps even without being in the office or home. Dropbox can automatically back up files on your device to the cloud; all you have to do is give access.


Snapseed is one of the popular and user-friendly editing app you can find on Google Play. Photography has become an important aspect of our lives and while capturing the best moments of our lives this handy app ensures that they are of good quality.

Some photo editing apps are a bit complicated for ordinary users. Hence, the Snapseed comes as a better option for those users without the technical ability.

Sleep as Android App

Fitness is now part of our daily routines; unlike back in the day, technology now allows one to track their sleeping patterns and play casinoza casino online games. The first devices for this were smart watches, however now you need not sleep uncomfortable while fastening a watch to your wrist.

All you need is an android app that you simply install in your device. You place it on your bed before sleeping and it does all the tracking.

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