Kapsula, a Futuristic Retro Racer Set in Soviet Space Colonies Lands on Android

As imaginative ideas go, this one’s rather interesting. You are placed in a futuristic Soviet space colony that is filled with clones and you must race on a high speed track collecting gems while avoiding other obstacles that can latch on to you.

Kapsula is part puzzler and part racer. Your space ride is called a Kapsula and since you’re racing in a cloned colony, there are other Kapsulas racing around too. You must hop on to your space vehicle and tap on the left and right side of the screen to switch between the seven racing lanes while your vehicle is moving at high speed on the tracks. Gems strewn all over the track can be picked up to upgrade your vehicle, but it’s the other Kapsulas that you need to watch out for.

If you move close to another Kapsula or if another Kapsula moves close to yours, it will latch onto you. You must then try to dislodge it by ramming it onto the side walls (provided it is of the same color) or by smashing them onto other Kapsulas of the same coor. Your ultimate aim in the end is to survive for as long as you can and snag top scores.

Its game over if you run into another Kapsula or hit a Kapsula of the wrong color. The game is highly challenging as you constantly have to watch out for the clones as well as the matching colored walls. The fast pace of the game is amply complemented by the cool electronic soundtrack and the game has the unique ability to change each time you play, based on the time of day you are playing.

The Android release of the game is said to be still in development with the promise of more good stuff coming in future updates. In fact you can even suggest to the developers what you’d like to see in the game via their Twitter page or on their website. Kapsula is available at a special launch price of $0.99 after which it will hit the original cost of $1.99. There are no IAPs in this one and if you’d like to see the game at work, you can try the web version available on their website.


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