Join the Light or Dark Side in the New Star Wars Force Collection TCG

Announced a few weeks ago at Gamescon 2013 was the fact that a new trading card game based in the Star Wars universe was coming to Android. Now that time has come and the game, called Star Wars Force Collection, is here brought to us by Konami and features over 230 cards from Star Wars Episodes I-VI for you to build your decks and battle each other with.

The cards in Star Wars Force Collection, again, cover all the episodes and have villains, monsters, vehicles, and heroes for you to choose from. The choice is yours if you want to build a deck based more of the Dark side or if you want the light side and with 230 cards there is bound to be a lot to choose from. Cards can also be enhanced and evolved (of course with other played cards) which give Star Wars Force Collection some more depth.

There is a whole multiplayer system that has multiple facets. Firstly you can team up with someone as an ally as you take on computerized fierce enemies. Or if you like the more PvP action you can go head to head in various events and move up in your Battle Ranking. Of course Star Wars Force Collection is free to play meaning there is bound to be a ton of in-app purchases which will most likely bog down gameplay and create unfair paid advantages but if you’re into trading card games and Star Wars, Star Wars Force Collection deserves a shot.

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