Join the Fight Early and Send Feedback in AERENA Alpha

It’s not that often when a developer publishes an alpha version for their game for everyone on Google Play. Cliffhanger Productions did just this with their newest game AERENA and I think it is a really smart path to take. With AERENA Alpha you’re getting an early look at the full version which while it doesn’t have all the planned features, it does have enough to provide some good gameplay. This alpha test version also gives us, the consumers, opportunity to tell the developer what we like and don’t like about the game.

AERENA is a tactical turn-based strategy game set in an Ætherpunk setting. You read that right, not steampunk but Ætherpunk. Everything is set in the sky although to be honest it still looks pretty straight steampunk to me. There are over 40 champions you have at your disposal along with Æthershells and ships. A good thing about AERENA is it is true cross platform. You can battle against people playing on iOS and more. This brings up the point of multiplayer which AERENA seems to focus on. In fact, there is a special multiplayer tournament styled mode called League of Champions that you can enter to see if you’re the master of the Æther. So if you’re into turn-based strategy games I say give AERENA Alpha a shot. Note it is alpha and may have issues but that is what being in alpha is all about and just report them to the developer.

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