Japan’s RPG Project Phoenix on Fire at Kickstarter; Surpasses Target in Just 2 Days

Japan’s first Indie RPG title on Kickstarter, Project Phoenix is estimated to be launched only in 2015, but it is seeing such a frenzied backing, the likes of which you may never see in a while.

The project is seeking a minimum 100,000 as its minimum goal, but will stretch its game development depending on how much it ends up collecting. For instance, the team will double the amount of characters and include extended music if the goal funding touches $300,000 and for a whopping $1,650,000, players will see two additional zones, side stories, and collaborative works of eminent artists Uematsu and Kurlander.

As of now, the project has received over $360,000 from over 5700 backers and with 27 more days to go, these numbers are only going to shoot up.

So what’s all the fuss with this rising Phoenix, you ask? Well, here goes.

Project Phoneix is being produced by the greatest creative minds in the video game industry. I’m talking Hiroaki Yura, producer of games such as Diablo III and Valkryia Chronicles, Kiyoshi Arai of Final Fantasy 3, 12, and 14 fame, multi-award winning cinematic artist Koya Takahashi, Steffen Unger of Halo 4 and Crysis 3 fame, Nobuo Uematsu, John Kurlander, and a certain famous anime art supervisor who will be revealed when the game is released. Pulling all this talent into one big gaming project is something. And there’s plenty more eye-popping names on that Kickstarter page.

So what’s Project Phoenix all about?

It is a fantasy themed real-time strategy game with a deep storyline and strong eastern influences. Players will be required to solve the mysteries of an amnesia-hit angel and travel the fantasy land of Azuregard with a band of heroes to find the answers.

Project Phoenix will initially be a single player game, but if the desired crowdfunding is reached, the team may consider going in for multiplayer and co-op modes.

Project Phoenix Kickstarter backers can also expect some pretty exciting rewards ranging from downloadable copies of the making of the game, the soundtrack, and art book, to a collectors edition of the game from Japan, and even a chance to assist a director in creating an NCP who will be part of the game.

Excited enough? Check out the Project Phoenix Kickstarter Campaign and be a part of Japanese gaming history.

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