It’s A Motorcycle Fight; Race Stunt Fight 3 Out Now

Regular old motorcycle races may be boring to some. Just riding around a track doing laps. How do you spice that all up then? Well, developer Adrenaline Crew lives up to their name with their latest game edition, Race Stunt Fight 3. As the game name suggests in Race Stunt Fight 3 you’re racing motorcycles while doing stunts and even fighting all your opponents! Three awesome things in one!

Race Stunt Fight 3 still has that racing aspect people love so much and you’ll be racing through landscapes such as cities, mountains and tunnels. All of that is presented in pretty awesome graphics. In addition to the racing aspect you need to gain points which you gain through doing super crazy stunts (hence the stunt part of the name). The fun part comes in where you can attack opponents to keep them from doing their own stunts. So you can add weapons like flamethrowers, chainsaws, mini guns and more. There are also tons of different motorcycles to choose from along with different setups to use. So if you like racing games but want some more action try out Race Stunt Fight 3 for free today.

User Reviews

This game is awesome!

Race around cool levels messing people up with weapons and pulling stunts. I wish I could do this in real life! Graphics are cool too.

Posted by Anonymous 10 years ago

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