Isle of Bxnes Bringing the Stone Age Back in the Fall

Tired of generic fantasy or medieval RPGs? I know I am and luckily Whalenought Games is here to help me out and is planning on bringing a fresh RPG theme this fall for Android and iOS. Their game is called Isle of Bxnes (still pronounced “bones”) and is set in the stone age where you have pretty much everything against you from feral dogs to cannibals.

In Isle of Bxnes you play a caveman as he scavenges for supplies, hunts across his island and the goal is to set up a tribe around you. The game is mentioned to be unforgiving like a roguelike which really gets me excited. Isle of Bxnes sets to bring a lot of that roguelike realism to play here and some mentioned features include quick combat, weapon degradation and wounds affect your movement after combat. To help offset this though you can build a variety of features in Isle of Bxnes such as voodoo traps and increase your offspring pool which is another interesting feature since if you die you become one of your sons. Look forward to Isle of Bxnes on Android and iOS this fall!

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