The Insanely Addictive Numbers Game Threes! Lands on Android

A minimalist game involving a bit of math may not be something you’ll want to take a second look at, but Threes! from Sirvo has turned out be a sparkler, having amassed quite a huge fan base when it launched on the iOS platform some time last month.

Threes! is a pretty straightforward game. You have a grid with a few numbers which you swipe around and combine to form the sum of it. However you can only combine 1s and 2s and matching or like numbers above 3. As you combine numbers, the empty cell gets replaced with a new number and when the grid becomes full with no more space to move, its game over. The aim here is to end the game with top scores.

Surprisingly, this numbers game isn’t as bland as you might expect it to be. There’s a cool soundtrack, for one, and some of the numbers even do a bit of talking or cheering if you will, which certainly adds a bit of personality to it.

Threes! is currently available at a special discounted price of $1.99 on the Play Store. You don’t want to give this one a miss, especially when you can now officially challenge the current highest score of 808,989. Good luck!



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User Reviews

Great game with big battery appettite

Threes is an addictive game with a clean design. It seams that it's draining battery big time, which isn't something you'd expect from a simple puzzle game. Hopefully next update will address this matter so…

Posted by ashryu 9 years ago

crashing after last update

it's crashing all the time! its impossible to play it after last update. please fix this! My device is sony xperia z. thanks!

Posted by xperiaz 9 years ago

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