Ikoid Brings Another Great Space Themed Android Bundle

I am extremely happy that the idea of bundles for games is popular now. With various bundles you can get through Steam and the Humble Bundle sales, the idea has really caught on and spawned a lot of lesser known bundles that offer some great things. Ikoid is one such bundle service that many people may not be aware of. They have put out a few bundles so far but they just put out their second space themed bundle that includes five different games for $1.99.

In this space themed bundle from Ikoid you get Space Station: Frontier, Critical Missions: Space, EnbornX, Cryptic Cosmos, and Alien Blitz. These games are all great and some have received awards and other titles. They also are all very different and give this bundle a nice eclectic taste. Space Station: Frontier is a real-time strategy game that has won plenty of awards. It places you at the helm of a space mining operation as you explore while also defending your station. Critical Missions: Space is a multiplayer shooter game sort of along the lines of Counter Strike; great fun! EnbornX is an interesting side scroller shooter where you defeat the boss and it keeps coming bigger and better until you die. Sort of a high score type game. Cryptic Cosmos is more on the puzzle side as its a point and click adventure game where you find yourself chasing an unknown signal across space. Alien Blitz is a frantic top down shooter with plenty of action. So as you can see, with this space themed Ikoid bundle you are getting some great games for a low price. Check it out now!

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