Hurry and Rescue the Catnip Back – Combat Cats Now On Android

If you have a cat at home you should know that they go crazy for catnip…at least mine does and acts like she’ll do anything for it. That lust for catnip is put to the test in New Horizon Games‘ latest game, Combat Cats, in which the catnip has been stolen from Kitty Island. Combat Cats is another Kickstarter success story as it was asking for $1,600 and the donations exceeded the amount needed. Now Combat Cats is available for all and for $1.99 over on Google Play.

Combat Cats is an extreme mixture of a host of different mobile video game genres. It is part gem matching puzzle, RPG and adventure for all ages! You match the various bricks in the Bejeweled type gameplay to unleash devastating combos to fight off enemies as well as collecting coins and catnip to upgrade yourself throughout the game. The bricks you match are also varied with some examples being missile bricks that if you match shoot missiles at the enemies and poison bricks which poison the enemies. In general Bejeweled type games are fairly straightforward but it seems Combat Cat is doing their best to make things interesting and different than the competition. People obviously really liked the idea of Combat Cats back when it was in infancy on Kickstarter so now that it has been born go out and support it!

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