Humble Mobile Bundle 2 is Here with 6 Awesome Games

The popular name-your-own-price Humble Bundle deal is back with yet another awesome list of titles. Star Command and  Time Surfer are making their debut, while Punch Quest, Bloons TD 5, Ravensword: Shadowlands, and Carmageddon (games you’ve probably heard a lot of good things about) feature as well. The games in Humble Mobile Bundle 2 will normally cost around $32, but with this offer, you get a DRM-free pack for a price you decide to pay. The donations can be made out to the game developers, the Child’s Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation charities, or the Humble Bundle organizers. You can choose to donate the entire payment to any entity of your choice with no restrictions.

As for the games themselves, Star Command is a spaceship adventure SIM where you have to build all sorts of facilities in your ship, manage your crew members and defend your ship from martians. Time surfer is an endless runner where you run on the waves of time, avoiding speeding asteroids and other obstacles. Punch Quest is yet another endless runner with plenty of brawling action. Bloons TD 5 is a balloon popping tower defense game with plenty of monkey business, while Ravensword is an epic action RPG where you need to explore and fight monsters to solve the mysteries of the Kingdom of Tyreas. Carmageddon is a racing game with a violent streak where your win depends on how many pedestrians or other cars you knock off the street.

Ravensword and Carmageddon can be unlocked only when you donate above the average price of the games, which is $4.52. There are also some original soundtracks thrown in with select games. Humble Mobile Bundle 2 is a great way to pamper your gaming senses as well as your charitable side. Spread the love folks, there’s only 13 days to go!

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