Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10 Showers Bargain Hunters with 7 Splendid Titles

The popular Humble Bundle pack is back and this one features seven brilliant titles that can be played not just on your Android but on your Linux, Mac, and Windows PC as well.

Games in the Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10 include the fun music game Symphony, artsy puzzle game Draw a Stickman: EPIC, and arcade strategy game Galcon that comes along with a bonus – Galcon Fusion. As always, if you pay more than the average price of the games, which comes to $4.87, you will be able to unlock more cool ones.

The unlockable games include the brilliant turn based strategy game Skulls of the Shogun, menacing shooting masterpiece Metal Slug 3, addictive tower defense game Fieldrunners 2 and the tactical strategy SIM Breach & Clear.

Not surprisingly, there are a few games that will be added to the unlockable games section but those titles will be revealed only next Tuesday at 11:00am Pacific time.

Most of the game titles are pretty popular ones and you can pick them up at a great price on Humble Bundle. Remember, you can split your payment between the developers, a couple of charities and the Humble Bundle team itself.

Check out all the additional details about the deal on the Humble Bundle page, share the good news with your friends and fellow gamers, and enjoy more than $99 worth games on a device of your choice and at a price of your choosing.

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