How gaming has evolved through smartphones

There is no doubt that the mobile gaming industry is booming, and its evolution has been fairly remarkable, with it now holding the lion share of the gaming market and having far surpassed traditional methods. This including the likes of console and PC gaming, with mobile gaming also recording 12% more players in 2020 than 2019 and over 2.5 billion players world-wide. This jaw dropping statistic just shows how far the mobile gaming market has come and it also shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Gaming started through board games, with the likes of snakes and ladders proving very popular, which can now be played on mobiles with multiple friends online from their own homes. The game Snake was also incredibly popular and was the first real game played on mobile devices back in the 1990’s through Nokia. This was just included as a feature on the phone, so users did not even have to download anything on the device or spend any money.


Japan has also always been at the forefront of mobile games and then helped to spread it around the world, as and when, smartphones hit the market. We have then seen the launch of the android app market, now known as the Google play store, which has resulted in the emergence of a completely new and advanced mobile gaming market. This growth has been seen across all areas of gaming, which have also seen the increase in players. That includes the casino market, such as on the sites listed at The casino industry has grown at a rapid rate, with a large number of players now accessing these platforms through mobile devices and they will also now be looking ahead to the future and the success that is likely to follow, alongside the rest of the gaming industry.

With the gaming market having broken out on these mobile devices, it has also led to a shift in the demographic of gamers, which has certainly also resulted in this overall success. Long are the days of just young teenage boys who game, with females just being the small minority. That has shifted and the numbers have balanced out within modern society. This is down to the ease of access on these mobile devices and the release of endless games that have been tailored to different demographic of players and there is now something for everyone to choose from.


The future is also incredibly bright for gaming, with technology advancing and improving the experience provided. Mobile games rely heavily on connectivity and are commonly played on the go, so with the new release of 5G, it is set to change the mobile market further. It will result in much faster speeds, so players will no longer have connectivity issues, which have been seen in the fast. Also, with the release of augmented reality and virtual reality on the doorstep, the entire gaming market is set to advance and evolve further in the coming years, for what is a very exciting future.

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