HeroCraft Looks for Kickstarter Funding for its Gorgeous Looking TBS Lords of Discord

Kickstarter has been an inspirational platform that’s launched many a brilliant game. Herocraft, makers of Tiny Token Empires and Catch the Candy are seeking funds for their upcoming turn based strategy game Lords of Discord. Set in a fantasy world, Lords of Discord features the struggle between two races, human and demons.

Players are required to defend their castle or citadel from the dark forces and can choose between three classes of heroes; Warlord, Ranger, and Wizard to do so. Heroes who possess the unique characteristics of their respective classes will lead their squads into battles. Squads will consist of ordinary warriors, titans, mages, archers and healers and players will have to carefully choose their squad to come out victorious in the battles. A unique feature of Lords of Discord is terramorphing where players take control over gold mines and mana mines on maps by hiring special heroes to conquer them. Throughout the game players will make use of special equipment such as Enki’s boots, Vampire Shackles, Wrath of Hurokana Dagger, and protection scrolls to defeat the enemies. These items can be earned by completing quests, bought from shops, or looted from battlefields.

No game of this proportion is going to take place without multiplayer gameplay, and Lords of Discords is no exception. In fact, Herocraft is offering players up to three multiplayer options. There’s the hot-seat multiplayer where you pass on your Android device to your friend as you take turns to battle; then there’s the online multiplayer where you can go online and search for real opponents to challenge, or you could create your own game and invite friends to battle. For fans who don’t have the patience to wait their turns, there’s the option to start several multiplayer battles at once, and play by mail.

Going by the screenshots, its hard to ignore the stunning graphics, artwork, and animated characters of this fantasy game. Herocraft is currently seeking $60,000 in funding and its not hard to imagine why the game has already racked up over $400 in just a few hours. If you love turn based strategy games, and would love to pick up some cool rewards, from digital wallpapers to beta access and exclusive artifacts, send in your donations and be a part of the magical world of the Lords of Discord.

The campaign will be live until Friday Nov 8, 7:41am EST.

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