Help Out and Survive in Alien Apocalypse

Many games take on the subject of the apocalypse and do so in different ways. Zombies is the most popular but aliens are probably a close second. In CatFishBlues Games newest game, Alien Apocalypse, the title already spoils what the game is about. Yep, an alien apocalypse! Although you may not have guessed that Alien Apocalypse is actually an endless runner instead of some sort of RTS or shooter game.

In Alien Apocalypse you play as Zambo, a one man alien killing machine, who tasks himself with single handedly taking down the aliens. You have a whole arsenal of weapons at your disposal such as bombs, pistols, machine guns, plasma guns, flamethrowers and bazookas. The overall goal is to smash and destroy all the alien spaceships. So you’ll complete missions to destroy these spaceships and will need to use your weapon assortment to your advantage. As in any endless runner you’re going to have a variety of upgrades to make Zambo super strong and easily crush the alien scum. Alien Apocalypse also has nice 3D graphics so you can imagine the running being kind of like Temple Run. Overall, Alien Apocalypse is out now on Google Play for free, so give it a shot!

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