Happy Monsters Brings Interesting Puzzle Idea

When it comes to puzzle games I feel I’ve seen every iteration that a developer can think of. Yet, I always find myself seeing a new game and being wowed by some unique aspect of it. This is what has happened with Appsoluto’s latest game, Happy Monsters. Happy Monsters is a rather typical swipe and match type puzzle game that may look boring at first glance. However, it actually has an interesting puzzle dynamic that goes beyond mindless swiping.

This dynamic is that you have a grid of various happy monsters that are arranged haphazardly and you have a picture of what the completed puzzle should look like. You then have to swipe monsters two at a time to try and copy that finished solution. What sounds and looks simple really turns out to be something that works your brain in reality. Graphics are nice and very colorful and can be at least enjoyed by people of all ages somewhat. In terms of play value, there are over 100 levels which will really keep you busy. If you’re looking for something somewhat new then check out Happy Monsters!

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