Hack Your Way in to Cyberspace with the Cool Arcade Game Cybergon

Robot Invader, makers of Wind-up Knight 2 have released a cool arcade game on Google Play called Cybergon. The game is set in cyberspace where you play a cyber-hacker who is out to bring down the cyber-networks that are ruled by mega cyber-corporations. That may sound like a dumb plot but the actual gameplay is a lot more fun.

You travel through cyberspace taking control of a blue triangular object, navigating it deftly between various other floating objects. Your aim is to collect items of the same color while avoiding the others, which have the potential to blow up and destroy you.

This is a game where you’re going to get blown to smithereens many times but the tight controls and high quality graphics are sure to keep you hooked for a good long time. If you are the competitive sort, you can even take it upon yourself to fight against friends and crown yourself king of the cyber-leaderboards.

Cybergon is available for the happy price of free so do check it out if you’re looking for a good game to fill a few empty moments of your day.

User Reviews

Fun time waster

Not bad for wasting time. Needs a sound mute button and the ads are annoying.

Posted by wassup? 10 years ago

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