Hack ‘n Slash Action RPG Pylon Lands on the Play Store

Action RPG fans, get ready to add another cool game to add to your collection. This one’s called Pylon and its from the publishers of They Need to be Fed and Fractal Combat X, Mango Publishing.

Pylon is a story-driven fantasy game that follows the adventures of a mercenary Jane who has been told to recover a powerful artifact by an old scholar by the name of Neznarf, which will unlock the now defunct pylons.

There’s plenty of adventure and action to be had as you traverse diverse environments filled with dangerous monsters and heaps of loot. As you collect items and defeat monsters you level up your character and build on your stats and abilities. You can switch between three classes with the same character or create a hybrid class by customizing it with special combat skills and abilities.

As with all action RPGs you have a wide selection of weapons and armor and the ability to upgrade them. Powerful gems can be used in varying combinations to strengthen your abilities and stats. You will also be able to unlock new difficulty modes as you progress and the entire gameplay should last you at least 6 to 10 hours if not more.

Pylon is a visually beautiful Diablo-esque hack ‘n slash RPG that you should definitely check out. Its available on the Play Store for free.

User Reviews

great work

Cool smooth gameplay, nice loot pool, with interesting practice dummy to tryout all the combos. 5 stars!

Posted by AcerX 10 years ago

Hack&Slash fun

Pylon is a top quality hack&slash/rpg game with small issues such as lag from time to time.

Posted by Baal 10 years ago

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