Gunblitz Finally Comes to OUYA

Gunblitz was originally supposed to be a launch title for the OUYA but never made that deadline. However, now OUYA owners are finally in for their promised treat as Gunblitz is out now! If you don’t know what Gunblitz is it is an over the top retro shooter aka a bullet hell game. While the look is certainly retro, Gunblitz adds a lot of new age spice to help keep things interesting.

Basically instead of just shooting and shooting and shooting all the waves of enemies coming at you, in Gunblitz you have to do more things. These things include worrying about and managing your shield and coolant systems while also controlling a secondary targeting system. So you control your movement and the main gun with one analog stick and your secondary turret with the other. It may sound like a lot but it will become second nature to you very quickly. There are eleven levels to take on with five different special abilities and four boss battles. The controls are, again, interesting and even take into account heat. Essentially, Gunblitz looks amazing and plays great and owners of the OUYA really have a gem on their hands.

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