Grow a Crazy Garden with NEO Mushroom Garden

A while back BeeWorks Games put out a simple game that involved growing and harvesting mushrooms. The game was called Mushroom Garden and since then they have put out some sequels and other improved editions. Well, they are at it again with NEO Mushroom Garden. So what exactly makes NEO Mushroom Garden worth getting or so neo?

Actually, NEO Mushroom Garden has some pretty neat and big additions. The one you may notice first is that NEO Mushroom Garden is in HD. So now you can see the extra slipperiness and wiggliness of the ‘shrooms you’re growing. In addition the growing size has doubled; more room for shrooms! There is also a new back page library which gives you information on all the mushrooms from all the Mushroom Garden games. To help better grow and feed your mushrooms, NEO Mushroom Garden introduces a food machine that makes special fungi food and is customizable. NEO Mushroom Garden also introduces more incentives for actual playing. The more mushrooms you harvest the more free farming gifts you get to help you out. Lastly, NEO Mushroom Garden has multiple areas to grow. In general if you like the old Mushroom Garden then NEO Mushroom Garden is twice the fun.

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