A Great Pirate Adventure With Pirates of Everseas

Ahoy! Ready for a adventure for the high seas? Pirates of Everseas by Glu is the game for you then. In Pirates of Everseas you get to build up your own pirate armada essentially. From a city to your own navy you will get your fix of pirating. Pirates of Everseas is also a strategy game so you’ll need your wits to take out all your opponents.

A main part of Pirates of Everseas is building up your city. Think of this aspect as a game like Clash of Clans. You’ll need to manage your city and collect loot to expand it. The other big part of Pirates of Everseas is building up your own navy. There are tons of different ship types of which they are all customizable and full of weapons you can equip. Gameplay is all about raiding to get that loot. Of which, Pirates of Everseas provides an interesting alliance feature for multiplayer fun. If you like pirates and strategy games then check out Pirates of Everseas.

User Reviews

Decent game

The game is fun and everything but it crashes after a while playing.

Posted by Headz 10 years ago

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