Google Play Store (Web Version) Tweak Indicates Apps with IAPs

If you’ve been downloading games aplenty from your Android Play Store app, you will have noticed the section that reveals apps that offers in-app purchases. Well, now you will be able to see that information even from the web version of the Play Store, thanks to an adjustment made by the company.

Just look below the Install button to find if the game you’re planning to download offers In-App-Purchases. IAPs have turned out to be the modern day villains as far as mobile gaming is concerned with fans in many instances, cheated of basic gameplay in the guise of a free download.

If you have been frequently downloading games from the web version before, you may have ended up picking a free game that played out like a trial version of the original with no clue whatsoever in the game description informing you of the hidden pricing.

While the latest adjustment to the web version of Play Store certainly points out that information right away, gamers may still be in the dark regarding the type of IAPs that are on offer. For instance, there may be games that offer unending IAPs for additional game content such as purchase of lives, powerups or upgrades while there are others that simply offer a one time IAP to unlock the PRO version. One other factor that users might notice is that IAP based games are not searchable but are only displayed on the download page.

In any case, gamers are still left in the dark about the exact nature of the IAPs and its quite surprising that those who are involved in making money at our expense choose to be so indifferent to the quality of service they offer. Anyone capable of building such a world-class-product (such as the Play Store) are certainly capable of more transparency.

What do you think of the latest Play Store update? Does the IAP indicator really help you in your download decision or is this simply an eyewash?


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