Gold Rush Time with 1849

Imagine you’re back in the past. It is 1849 and the California gold rush is at its peak. You decide to head west and try your luck at the gold business as well. Will you strike it rich or come out dirt poor? These are the questions you get to find out in the aptly titled mobile game 1849 by SomaSim that puts you right in the midst of the biggest frenzy ever.

At its core 1849 is essentially a city management game with the gold rush theme. You build up towns, hire workers, house your citizens, feed them, entertain them, etc. Of course you also have to manage the actual gold rush aspect. This includes managing and coordinating production, trades and more. 1849 features a rather historically accurate storyline that walks you through the rush and provides you with different city scenarios. Theme wise everything is of the wild west and things are again pretty historically accurate. 1849 also features over 50 different resources to keep track of. Overall, 1849 takes the typical city management genre and makes something totally unique and interesting.

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