Glowing Blobs Take on Monsters in the Dark and Humorous Shooter Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Upopa Games have released a cute little shooter game called Hopeless: The Dark Cave into the Play Store that lets you take on the role of a gun-toting glowing blob who is terrified of the darkness. Stuck in a dark cave, these hopeless creatures have to defend themselves against the monsters that live in the dark.

Your job is to tap the screen to kill these monsters, only trouble is, you can’t see well enough to know whether the creatures of the dark are fellow blobs or monsters. Hopeless comes with cute and adorable graphics and dark and eerie environments that sets up a great atmosphere to play. The action can get quite intense at times and you have to keep your nerves as well as those of the blobs calm, or pay the price of having the blobs turn the gun on themselves.

Don’ t expect to play forever though, because the game is designed to have you dying over and over again. Your only reward is to keep working on those reflexes to grab the highest scores. Facebook integration comes in handy when you want to compete with friends. You can even spice up the competition by buying additional blobs via IAPs to bolster your blob party.

The current version of the game doesn’t offer too much variety in gameplay but the developers are promising more features and game modes in future updates. If you like games with a touch of dark humor, take a look at Hopeless: The Dark Cave.

Its available on the Play Store for the price of free.

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