Get Star Command While It’s Hot

The space themed strategy mobile game Star Command made its debut with the latest Humble Mobile Bundle which we covered a few weeks ago but if you missed that sale or didn’t want all the other games you can just get Star Command on Google Play for $2.99. May seem a steep price comparatively but the reviews on it have all been excellent and it is shaping up to be a bombshell of a hit that you should jump on right away.

If you don’t know what Star Command is about, you basically are building and commanding your own spaceship (or starship as they call it). You control all aspects from physically building your ship, hiring and managing crew, and exploring various planets to battle other alien races. The amount of control you have and the amount of detail in Star Command is staggering. Building your ship is literally all up to you and you can design it however you want, crew members can be leveled up to gain new skillsets and there are over ten different alien species to discover and interact with. In addition to that your starships have four different base hulls to choose from and you can focus either on engineering, tactics or science in your gameplay style. You are not limited to just one starship either, you can build and control a fleet as you take on everything. Star Command is incredibly detailed and offers lots of replayability and for the price that is a steal, get it now!

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