Get Ready to Take On Hordes of Enemy Planes in Chaotic Shoot ‘em Up Tank Battle (Heavy Weapon)

When the world is at war, there’s only one thing left to do. Fire up your tank and blast away your enemies to oblivion. That’s exactly what you do in the colorful side scrolling shoot ‘em up arcade action game Tank Battle (Heavy Weapon).

As your tanker scrolls across the screen you tap to shoot at incoming planes. Planes that have been destroyed drop precious cargo such as gold coins, protective shields, mega lasers, HP and so on. You need to grab as many items as possible if you want to survive the enemy bombardment and complete the stage successfully. After each level, coins you earned during play can be used to upgrade your tanker’s missiles, main gun, and nuclear warhead.

You control the movement of your tanker using the virtual thumbstick on the left of your screen. There’s a lot of stuff happening simultaneously around you all the time and things can get pretty chaotic as you delve deeper into the game. The world map takes you through the different missions, but if you like to go for some endless action, you can try the Survival mode. Tank Battle also offers epic boss battles to make things a little more interesting and challenging.

If you are on the lookout for a crazy chaotic shoot ‘em up, be sure to check out Tank Battle (Heavy Weapon). Its available on the Play Store for the price of free.

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