Get More of Your Battle Bear Fix in Battle Bears Ultimate FPS PvP

Battles Bears is back with another full blown action shooter! This time the game is called Battle Bears Ultimate FPS PvP and has some pretty big changes over past Battle Bear games. There are 4v4 clan battles, overclocking is back, consistent updates, and more. All of it wrapped in one awesome package.

The big aspect of Battle Bears Ultimate FPS PvP is the clan system with PvP in general. You can hop into games that are currently in progress, make friends and add them to your friends list, make and join clans, etc. Battles also can be ranked to give more of a competitive side to things and there are also co-op battles you can partake in. In addition to the big clan aspect there are tons of new characters, weapons, customization and maps to really make Battle Bears Ultimate FPS PvP a game worth downloading. Again, overclocking is back so each character has a special skill you can use in battle to give you that edge. Battle Bears Ultimate FPS PvP is fairly easy to pick up and play but extremely hard to put down. Check out SkyVu’s latest hit game on Google Play now!

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