Forgot Kung Fu, It is Flop Fu!

Fighting games are a very popular video game genre but for the most part are taken a little too seriously. Flop Fu by G-Labs aims to change that and creates a fun and general wacky fighting atmosphere. As you can probably guess from the name “Flop”, Flop Fu is a fighting game that puts funny rag doll physics on everything. Needless to say humor abounds.

There are 17 hilarious characters to choose from in Flop Fu as you try and master the art of flopping around. Gameplay is all about flopping and flailing about which leads to some gut busting laughter. There are both single and multiplayer modes where you can try to flop and flail your way to the top of the leaderboards. As you can imagine, Flop Fu – Physics Fighter is a rather simple game to pick up since you’re just flopping around. However, it is hard to master and actually being “good” at it will take some real skill. Think you know the art of flopping? Check out Flop Fu – Physics Fighter today on Google Play.

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