Football Season Is Here and So Is Madden NFL 25

In America football season has started so you’ll now find sports bars full of people watching the game and water cooler talk is all about who beat who last night. With this advent of a new season you know that EA is going to bust out their new football game and right on time they did with Madden NFL 25. In case you’re wondering the 25 means that it is the 25th anniversary of the first Madden game, crazy right?

Per usual, the latest Madden game needs to bring some new features to the table to stay relevant and Madden NFL 25 is no different. The control system has been overhauled allowing either the traditional joystick method or a new swipe method. For instance while you’re running either in offense or defense you can swipe in all eight cardinal directions to perform actions such as stiff arms, jukes, jives, etc. Other features make their comeback like you’d expect such as online multiplayer and the all-star team mode.

Another big change this year and not sure if it is for the better is a change in the monetization. Last year’s Madden game was a straight $5 download but this year EA is on a free-to-play kick so Madden NFL 25 follows suit. So now Madden NFL 25 utilizes the two tier currency system in which you have to unlock more complicated moves and more. This may be disappointing to a lot of people but it seems the way the market is going unfortunately. Either way, if you’re a football or Madden fan then the latest Madden NFL 25 is available to download over on Google Play.

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