Flick Kick Football Series Expands With Flick Kick Football Legends

The Flick Kick Football series by PIKPOK is one of the best precision skill football (soccer for us Americans) game out there. Now, PIKPOK is expanding the Flick Kick empire with a new game called Flick Kick Football Legends. This time it is not just the shooting and scoring that matters but all of the aspects in football. You’ll be tackling and passing along with shooting and scoring.

Flick Kick Football Legends also brings in more elements of team building and management with a multi-league structure. As the “Legends” part infers, Flick Kick Football Legends has you also collecting and finding new players to make them into football legends. The end goal is of course to win the championship with your team! All of this is being presented in a very cool comic book graphical style that is absolutely gorgeous. Flick Kick Football Legends is a freemium game so do watch out for IAPs but hopefully they are really optional and you can have fun with this great looking mobile game no matter what. If you’ve played and liked the last Flick Kick Football games then Flick Kick Football Legends seems to be all that and more and well worth a download. Get it for free today on Google Play.

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