Final Fantasy All the Bravest Now Out on Android

Gear up you Final Fantasy fans as Square Enix has just released a new mobile game using the Final Fantasy brand called Final Fantasy All The Bravest. Now, this isn’t a full fledged Final Fantasy mobile title but kind of a fanfare casual game. The gist of the game is you continuously battle enemies with your party made up of various classic Final Fantasy characters as you traverse familiar locations. It seems if you’ve played any Final Fantasy games before and have fond memories of them, Final Fantasy All The Bravest is a game catered to you.

In Final Fantasy All The Bravest you battle a multitude of characters using famous Final Fantasy characters/classes in locations from all the Final Fantasy games. The game banks on the nostalgia factor as you will be seeing pixel sprites of the classic blue mage, warrior, monk, etc. and there is tons of music directly from the Final Fantasy games.  Final Fantasy All The Bravest has already been out on iOS for a while and has received almost universal disdain mostly about the total reliance on in-app purchases to get anywhere within the game and IGN went as far as to make a PSA notice to not buy this game. We haven’t reviewed Final Fantasy All The Bravest here at AndroidShock so don’t know the extent of it all. However, Final Fantasy All The Bravest still made records on iOS and now that it is out for Android if you want to give Square Enix’s latest venture a go I say go for it.

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