How Far Can You Throw? Check Out This Launcher, Ninja Toss

Bulkypix is at it again and has published a new game called Ninja Toss. The idea behind Ninja Toss is nothing new but it is still a fun concept. Basically, you catapult Nyam, a fat ninja, and see how far you can get him. Overall Ninja Toss is very similar to popular launcher games like Burrito Bison, Flight, Toss the Turtle and more.

Out of all those launcher games I listed Ninja Toss is most like Burrito Bison…almost to a tee. This is because after you launch Nyam you get to bounce off “enemies” walking below who happen to be marshmellows. This is extremely similar to the gummy bears of Burrito Bison. There also a host of powerups you can use in Ninja Toss such as helicopter bikes and more. Other features include different skins for Nyam and different landscapes as you progress through the game. Still can’t shake the clone feeling. Similarities aside, though, Ninja Toss is still fun even if it is basically a reskin. This style of game is always going to be popular and Ninja Toss does do it well.


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