Explore A Whole Host Of Alien Worlds In Shattered Planet

Want to explore a whole bunch of alien worlds full of strange and exotic creatures? Want all of that in a nice looking turn based RPG package? If so then Shattered Planet by Execution Labs is the game for you. There are hours of gameplay as you explore, loot and kill your way along.

The story behind Shattered Planet is you work for The Galactic Union and your job is to research alien life. But aliens are dangerous and you’ll need to have your wits about you to survive. Shattered Planet is permadeath and has some roguelike tenancies. This means every time you play a game it is completely random and if you die you lose all your loot for good. This, though, allows for a lot of replayability. Since Shattered Planet is an RPG you’ll find tons of items to use. In fact there are 100+ items from cookies to plasma swords. Everything graphic wise is hand painted which looks amazing. If you’re looking for a nice turn based RPG check out Shattered Planet for sure.

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