Will you Finally Meet the Prince of Darkness in Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy HD?

If you’ve been faithfully playing the Dracula series, its time for you to embark on the next episodic adventure that will take you deeper into the mysteries left undiscovered in Dracula 4.

In the fifth episode of this point and click adventure, you play art restorer Ellen Cross who is on a quest to discover the authenticity of the Dracula Portrait. She returns to New York from her rounded trip of Europe with the painting but it promptly gets stolen.

While she sets out to track the thief she uncovers some new information about the mysterious brotherhood called Shadow of the Dragon who are intent on producing a new lineage of creatures, nothing like you’ve seen before.

The game continues to engage and entertain you with logical puzzles, stunning animations, and atmospheric environments and soundtrack, but it is the storyline, which eventually gets you sucked in. The game may not be too big to warrant its pricey tag of $5.79, but if you’ve been dutifully playing through the adventure so far, you may not want to miss out on what happens next.

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