Experience Gorgeous Visuals in ARC Squadron: Redux; Now on Android

Every once in a while there comes a game that just pushes the bar higher for quality in video games. In the mobile realm this happens more and more frequently as it is still a growing medium.  Psyonix Studios is a fairly prolific developer and has been contracted to work on some huge projects such as Gears of War, Mass Effect 3 and the Unreal Tournament series. Now they have released one of their best selling iOS games on Android, ARC Squadron: Redux. Like I was mentioning earlier, ARC Squadron: Redux raises the bar for what mobile games should be.

The biggest quality factor in ARC Squadron: Redux is in the stunning visuals. Looking at some gameplay screenshots I honestly thought they were stills from cutscenes. But no, that is actually what you’ll be playing in ARC Squadron: Redux. As far as story goes, in ARC Squadron: Redux you play as an elite pilot in the squadron tasked with taking on the nine evil Guardians (an evil race) to save your world. This correlates to a massive 60 level campaign throughout 20 unique environments in typical space shooter fashion. Along the way you’ll have to battle through the nine boss battles, be able to upgrade your ship six or so times and upgrade your weapons per ship. ARC Squadron: Redux is a free-to-play game which is surprising given the professional quality it possesses. ARC Squadron: Redux came out yesterday so if you want to give it a shot go download it!

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