Endless Tree Climber Nuts Swoops into Google Play

Where there are nuts there are squirrels and where there are cute creatures chasing nuts, there’s probably a game evolving around it. Simply titled Nuts!, this endless runner from Limbic captured the hearts of gamers (over 10 million downloads and counting) when it landed on the App Store earlier, and has now come to Android to do the same.

In this game you help a couple of squirrels Jake and Miranda climb infinitely tall trees to collect nuts. Typical of most endless runners, there are obstacles in the form of branches, collectibles in the form of coins, and powerups in the form of boosters that will help you rip through the obstacles.

Coins can be used to purchase acorns that will give an extra burst of speed, or help you pick up extra padding or lives to extend your gameplay. The animations in the game are typically cute and adorable, the controls quick and responsive, and the  gameplay addictive.

Check out Nuts! if you’re in the market for an addictive endless tree climber.

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