Edo Superstar Seeks Kickstarter Fame and Money

Developer Jed Henry has been fascinated with Japanese games since his childhood and now wants to create his own Japanese inspired game called Edo Superstar. However, it needs funding and therefore Edo Superstar has made a Kickstarter with an ultimate goal of $65,000.

Inspired by titles including Street FighterKingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series, Edo Superstar is a fighting based role playing game. The storyline is that you play a monkey named Masaru, who quits his ninja day job to become the biggest star. Of course you earn fame and fortune by defeating enemies in fighting sequences. All the gameplay is touched based and looks to be reminiscent of Combo Crew.

Right now Edo Superstar is in the infancy of both development and its Kickstarter campaign but if you want to help out in the goal you can back it and get some good perks. Backing $10 will essentially get you the game which is mentioned to be coming out fall 2014. Edo Superstar looks like an interesting blend of RPG and fighting so I would definitely keep my eye on this one.

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