Dream Chamber Provides Humor and Mystery

Anuman is back with another great mobile mystery title. This time around the game is Dream Chamber in which you play as Charlie, a private detective and rich heir. The mystery this go around is you witness a robbery while attending a museum opening. Dream Chamber takes you to the 1930s; between Prohibition and the Great Depression and is full of dreamlike wonder.

Dream Chamber is an original game and the graphics are great and unique. The interesting aspect of Dream Chamber is you do your normal investigations but you can then revisit them in your dreams to get more clarity. As with most mystery games you will be solving tons of different types of puzzles and enigmas. There are mini-games to help with the interrogation scenes and others which provide some nice fun. In general you get a lot of content and a great mystery game with Dream Chamber for only $3.99. So if you like mystery check out Dream Chamber for sure on the Google Play Store!

User Reviews

Great looking adventure

Great artwork and Noir atmosphere. It reminds me of old school point&click adventures i played.

Posted by MurrayTheDemonicSkull 10 years ago

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