Dragon Quest VIII Comes To Android

Square Enix is consistently popping out mobile ports of their popular franchises. So far we’ve had a few Chaos Rings, a bunch of Final Fantasy and now Dragon Quest VIII. In the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest VIII  was the first to be in 3D and it seems to fit the mobile Android platform quite well. The story behind Dragon Quest VIII  is that an ancient sceptre’s magic was awoken by an evil magician so the entire kingdom is put into an cursed slumber. It is up to you then to fix this on your remarkable journey.

As with most of Square Enix’s ports to mobile, Dragon Quest VIII  has had its controls completely streamlined to work with touch screens. Also the combat screens have been reworked to better suit the mobile platform. Some great features that Dragon Quest VIII  brings to the table include the tension system in which you can psyche up a player which gives the next attack extra power, monster teams in which you gather monsters and can compete in monster arenas with them ,the alchemy pot in which you combine old items to get better new ones and the casino which is fairly self explanatory. Basically Dragon Quest VIII  is the same game you know and love but remastered to work slightly better on your Android device.

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