Drag Racing 4×4 Screeches Into Stores

How about some heavy duty drag racing? Instead of fast sports cars like you’d see in Fast and the Furious, Drag Racing 4×4 from Creative Mobile, introduces some vehicular choices you may not have assumed could drag race. Creative Mobile is no stranger to drag racing mobile app games but until now have focused more on traditional cars and motorcycles. Now, however, they have brought out the big guns and are featuring vehicles like monster trucks and Ford F-150s.

The big ticket feature in Drag Racing 4×4 for fans of the drag racing franchise is in the bigger all wheel drive vehicles. I mentioned monster trucks and Ford F-150s but screenshots show Ford Explorers and all other sorts of trucks.  This compliments all the new game modes in Drag Racing 4×4 where everything is bigger and better. In typical fashion there are single and multiplayer modes. Singleplayer has you doing an expansive career mode where you are drag racing your 4x4s all across the world. Multiplayer includes 1/4, 1/2 and 1 mile races and you can challenge your friends and strangers alike.

Drag Racing 4×4 also brings to the table more realism…or as much as you can get into a mobile video game. But the physics engine has been revamped as well as smoother and more polished graphics in comparison to previous installments from Creative Mobile. So if you’re a fan of drag racing or racing games in general try out Drag Racing 4×4 for free which came out in Play Store yesterday!

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