Disney’s Frozen Gets Themed Mobile Game

As with most big movies coming out this year such as The Hunger Games and Iron Man 3, Disney’s latest animated film Frozen has received the mobile game treatment.  The game is called Frozen Free Fall and it plays exactly like you may think. Basically it is a glorified match-3 game like Bejeweled. You’ll join Anna, Elsa and more of the Frozen cast in Frozen Free Fall.

Frozen Free Fall has 90 icy levels to keep you entertained with different objective challenges. It tries to tie in a pseudo connected storyline where you start off playing as Anna and Elsa and as you move along in your journey you unlock more and more of the cast such as Hans and Pabbie. Each character has specific powerups to help you in the frozen puzzles. For example, Anna has a torch that can burn entire rows whereas Elsa can magically make all the same colored crystals disappear. Whether you are a fan of the more “kiddy” nature of Disney’s new animated film or not, Frozen Free Fall is your typical match-3 puzzle game and if you like those games you’ll have a ball with Disney’s newest version.

User Reviews

Basic freemium type game

These types of games are becoming more and more common. Nothing special, IAPs to try and get you to buy things and generally...just boring.

Posted by Robert Clark 10 years ago

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