Dig to China is an Fun Title Busting Game for Android

There are plenty of sane ways to visit China, but these game developers prefer to make you dig your way down to the country in their first mobile launch, aptly titled Dig to China.

You may be familiar with the game if you’re in the habit of playing desktop games as that version racked up over 10 million gameplays in its time. GamesButler are following up that success on the mobile platform and the pixelated action game doesn’t look too disappointing either.

You will be racing against the clock when you start your journey downwards and along the way you can pick up gold, coal, iron, bones, uranium, titanium, and diamonds which can then be traded for upgrades that will help you drill deeper, pick up more moles, and earn better scores for the next trip down under.

The deeper you play, the more difficult your journey becomes and you’ll need those upgrades real bad if you want to make any good progress.

Dig to China is a game you can enjoy playing in short bursts. Its free on the Play Store, so do check it out if you like fast paced games that can be played a few minutes at a time.

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