Detective Grimoire Finally Arrives; Rejoice

You may have been following Detective Grimoire which is being published by Armor Games for a while. By that I mean it was a successful Kickstarter campaign a while back and actually yours truly was an early backer. For those of you who may not be as excited as I am, Detective Grimoire is a point and click detective puzzle with a great graphical theme and just looks amazing.

The setting takes place in a swamp as you try and solve the murder mystery. Explore, uncover secrets and solve puzzles to do so. Where Detective Grimoire excels is in making an interesting atmosphere. The characters are wacky for sure but very interesting and fun to listen to and interact with. There is an interesting puzzle/detective “gimmick” that I haven’t really seen implemented well that Detective Grimoire seems to have figured out for the better. Complementing all of this is an original award winning soundtrack which really ties in everything. If you’re looking for a well polished point and click mystery game by an Indie studio that has a great track record, check out Detective Grimoire. Available for $3.99 today.

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KitKat Issue

I love old-school adventures so i bought this one instantly. Unfortunately it doesn't work on my Nexus 5, and i red on their site that there's an issue with KitKat. They also said next patch…

Posted by phreddy 10 years ago

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