Defend Your Village In Brave Tribe

If you were/are a fan of Farmville or other city building simulation games then you should really check out Brave Tribe by G5 Entertainment. The plot behind Brave Tribe is that you play as an Irish Celtic tribe who was very peaceful and about nature. Then Romans came and destroyed your forests and more. You then take it upon yourself to battle these evil Romans to preserve your natural way of life.

What sounds to be full of action for Brave Tribe is actually an interesting take on farm/city building simulations with some light strategic action. You’ll actually be surprised at how much depth and story is hidden behind the wall of casualness you see at first. You get to build up your own tribe full of unique characters with different abilities. In addition there is a whole farm simulation aspect going on with plenty of buildings. Specifically there are over 50 different buildings you can construct with over 200 decorations to make your little village yours! The cast you get to meet consists of 12 crazy characters. There are plenty of missions in Brave Tribe to keep you entertained, over 550 to be exact! Ultimately there is a lot to explore and find in Brave Tribe.

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